Some Pointers on Personal Injuries Claims

Here are a few points you might be interested in concerning any claim that might be made following an injury.
·    Generally speaking, proceedings must issue within two years of the date of an accident otherwise your claim will be statute barred.
·   With certain exceptions, all claims must first be submitted to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).
·    The two year rule referred to be above can be extended where the injury occurred to somebody under the age of 18 and can also be extended if you did not know or could not reasonably have known that you were injured at a particular time (particularly relevant in medical negligence claims).
·    If either party is unhappy with an award made by PIAB, they can pursue their claim through the court system.
·    To get an idea how much your claim is worth, go to the Book of Quantum on the PIAB website. Although the Book of Quantum was prepared in June 2004, thanks to the recession, it is still fairly accurate.
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