Litigation Law Firm, Litigation Solicitors Dublin Ireland, Litigation Law Advisors, Litigation SolicitorsWe are happy to represent clients in relation to claims against professionals such as accountants, architects, solicitors, surveyors and valuers etc.

We will advise clients in relation to the following:

Accountant’s negligence:

If for instance you purchase a commercial property but due to your accountant’s negligent advice, you were not able to off set interest paid on the mortgage against rental income received and therefore had to pay far more tax than you should have had to pay, you may have an action against your accountant.

Auctioneer’s negligence:

If you have a rental property and an estate agent is providing a management service and does not properly check references obtained and you subsequently suffer losses because the tenant caused damage to the property or failed to pay rent or was otherwise a bad tenant and this should have been clear if the references had been properly checked, then you may have a claim against the auctioneer.

Negligent Solicitor:

If your solicitor fails to lodge an appeal in time or allows you to buy property without carrying out relevant searches or allows a claim to become statute barred or sues the wrong defendant, we can assist.

Surveyor’s negligence:

If a surveyor negligently overvalues a property and you buy it and subsequently discover that the property is worth 40 percent of 50 percent less than you thought it was worth, you may have a claim against the negligent surveyor.

Negligent financial advisors, bank and insurance brokers:

If for instance your financial advisor recommended that you invest money in a specific fund, and you now know that this advice was based on the commission available to them rather than the potential benefit to you, you may have a claim.


Q. My financial advisor gave me very bad advice concerning an investment – can I sue him?
A. Bad advice on it’s own is not actionable. You must have suffered a loss as a result of this bad advice.

Q. My solicitor says there is no point in suing him because he says he has no money and he has no assets. What can I do?
A. Depending on the nature of the negligence, you may have a remedy through the Law Society compensation fund. All solicitors are obliged to have professional indemnity insurance and if the solicitor has acted in a negligent manner, you can generally bring a claim to the attention of his insurer and if your claim succeeds, you will be compensated.

Q. How much does it cost and how long this will take to sue a professional?
A. This very much depends on the extent of the claim. Claims brought in the Circuit Court or the High Court can take anything from one to three years to bring to a conclusion depending on how vigorously the cases are contested. We will strive to settle cases at the earliest possible juncture on your behalf. The costs involved will also vary depending on the amount of work involved and the length of time the case takes to bring to a conclusion. We will discuss fees with you at the very outset and in almost all cases we are able to come to a satisfactory arrangement with clients, which will enable them to pay a fee they can afford to pay. We have a number of funding options available to clients, who may be in a difficult position financially.

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