Intellectual Property Solicitors

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property describes creations of the mind such as words, literature, logos, symbols, other artistic creations and literary works.

Patents, trademarks, copyright protection all exist in order to protect a person or a company’s intellectual entitlements.

In Ireland, literary works are protected by copyright for 70 years after the death of the author. Sound recordings are protected for 50 years after the recording was made.

Intellectual property in Ireland consists mainly of two areas. The first relates to patents which concerns mainly inventions, trademarks and industrials designs. Our main area of expertise relates to the second area – copyright, which exists in literature, music, artistic, photographic and audio visual works.

Experienced IP Solicitors

Ireland has changed enormously over recent years and this can be seen in the area of intellectual property, which is now a hugely valuable right. In the past, value was in more tangible assets but we are now very much a knowledge based economy and intellectual property rights are vigorously protected.

It is extraordinary to think that the world wide web was only developed in 1989 but the internet and all matters relating to the internet are now relevant to almost every business.

Intellectual Property Lawyers based in Dublin, Ireland

We act for INFACT (The Irish National Federation Against Copyright Theft) and we act for the Motion Picture Association, Racing UK and other bodies, who seek to protect their intellectual property rights in Ireland.

We have developed specific expertise in preventing copyright fraud, piracy and we have taken actions in all courts in Ireland up to and including the Supreme Court.

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