Elderly Law

As we get older, our legal needs and requirements change. The law relating to the elderly is not particularly different from the law as it applies to any individual but there are particular sensitivities and urgencies which have to be addressed and dealt with.

It is a sad fact that any vulnerable group within Irish society can be exploited and unfortunately, abused. In addition, many elderly people need to make decisions about their lives which for a variety of reasons they have difficulty with, and we can help. Whether that assistance takes the form of preventing abuse or advising concerning financial matters or making a will or completing any of the other documents that can help and protect a person in their later years, we are happy to help.

Elder Care Law Ireland

We have also developed close links with other bodies, both voluntary organisations and private advisors, who have developed specific expertise dealing with many of the areas set out below and if we cannot help you, we can direct you to someone who can.

Let us advise you on Law relating to the Elderly issues.

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