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In difficult times many people are setting up their own business because they want to have control over their own future and because they have probably just lost a job they had worked in for many years and they need to earn an income.

On the other hand, in good times people set up business because they wanted to have control over their own future and because they get more satisfaction from running their own business. Whether you go into business on your own or whether you go into the business with others and form a partnership or a company, there are a number of matters you have to consider.

It is absolutely essential that the ground work is completed professionally and with due consideration for all matters of importance. Whether your business is a small one person operation or a larger enterprise, there are certain fundamentals that have to be discussed and certain fundamental decisions that have to be made. A good experienced solicitor should also be a good experienced business advisor and while other professional help may be needed, you cannot beat good commonsense sound like business advice.

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