Domestic Violence Evaluation Scheme Launched

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The evaluation of a new pilot  scheme which offers support to women in family law cases was launched Monday by Minister for Justice and Equality Alan Shatter and Chief Justice Mrs Justice Denham.
 It is based in the Family Law Court in Dolphin House and has supported 107 women over a six month period. These women may be seeking court orders to protect them from violence.   The scheme offers  a free and confidential drop in centre to women while helping them to prepare for court. It also provides information about other domestic violence services and support available.
At the launch of the report, the merits of the scheme were noted by providing an example of how it works in practice. It was noted that the lady in question ‘Annie’ came to get help from the scheme after she had suffered on –going abuse from her partner who would beat her and burn her with cigarettes. This abuse carried on even throughout her pregnancy. 
Annie attempted to get a protection order on many occasions but her husband threatened to kill her every time.  The service allowed ‘Annie’ to apply for orders under the Domestic Violence Act and other orders, such as custody, access, maintenance, guardianship production of infants and HSE care hearings.
The scheme was described by Minister Shatter as an example of  ‘co-operation and co-ordination in working to assist victims of domestic abuse.”
 Brophy Solicitors believe that the scheme will assist those who are vulnerable to face the daunting prospect of going to court and eliminate any fears or worries that they may have due to a more dominant and over  bearing partner. Family law cases are often surrounded by conflict and it is important that this is reduced as much as possible especially where there are children involved.
Brophy Solicitors
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