Dispute Resolution Solicitors

In the past many disputes tended to result in legal proceedings and we are very conscious of the fact that even in cases where one party is successful, this does not necessarily mean that they end up happy with the outcome. This is particularly so in family law cases.

Leading Dispute Resolution Law Firms

Our approach in all areas of law is that we want to achieve a settlement which meets the client’s expectations and which is in their best interest. Litigation and arbitration are not always the best options for a client and for this reason we will advise in relation to pre-litigation steps that can be taken to resolve the dispute and we can also assist in advising clients to take steps to avoid disputes occurring in the first place.

A Dispute Resolution Solicitor You Can Trust

If a dispute has occurred and is likely to result in legal proceedings, we have developed links with other organisations to assist in the resolution of these disputes. We will advise the client to issue legal proceedings only as a last resort.

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