De Facto Relationships with Irish Citizens (December 2010)

In the middle of December, our immigration team gave some guidelines on  what applicants must show in order to establish a de facto relationship with an Irish citizen. This may be of interest to applicants who are not married but are in a settled relationship with an Irish national.
Residency in the State based on being the partner of an Irish citizen is generally granted on a case by case basis.  Such applications must be accompanied by submission of documentary evidence to show that the relationship has been of at least two years duration.  Where the couple does not reside together this can prove to be a difficult task.  In a recent case, our clients who have been together for just over two years made such an application in order to regularise the status of the non-Irish/non-EEA partner of an Irish citizen.   We submitted an application to the De Facto Applications Unit of the Department of Justice and Law Reform however we were concerned that we could not provide the requisite documentary evidence to show that our clients had been together for over two years.  They had not been living together and do not share a bank account.  The application was refused on the basis that the duration of the relationship could not be supported.  In this instance we were pleased however that the deciding officer employed the least restrictive measure by permitting the non-Irish partner to reside under Stamp 3 conditions for one year.  He had recently become undocumented.  The clients were also invited to make a further application once they could establish the duration of their relationship through documentary evidence.  
We would be interested in hearing your experiences with these types of applications.  As always we welcome your feedback and comments! 
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