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Criminalising abuses of the family law legal process

A well-known child psychologist recently said to me that he believed that the psychological abuse of children should be a criminal offence. He said this to me in relation to a case where he believed a mother was in the middle of a campaign whereby she was successfully totally alienating […]

Best interest of the child should always prevail

At long last a sensible and realistic argument has been made in relation to children who have been involved in family law proceedings. The Chief Executive of Tusla, Gordon Jeyes was reported on Monday to have stated that the level of scrutiny brought to childcare cases in Dublin is “suffocating” […]

Senator Katherine Zappone and Dr. Anne Louise Gilligan | Marriage Equality

In late summer of 2003, Phil O’Hehir in this office was asked by Senator Katherine Zappone & Dr. Anne Louise Gilligan to represent them in relation to a legal action they wished to take. Katherine and Anne Louise were married in Canada in September 2003 and they wanted to be […]


The general rule in law is that if you have an agreement with somebody and that other person breaks that agreement and you suffer a loss as a result, you can sue that person for breach of contract. That is not however the position as far as engagements are concerned. […]


At the moment if a parent wants to make a gift to a child or provide for them if they are in difficulties, they can do so because the threshold before tax has to be paid is at the moment €224,000. For instance where a couple are engaged and they […]