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When is Child Old Enough to Spend Time with his Father

26th June 2012 I recently spent several hours in the Circuit Court waiting for my family law case to come on for hearing. The case was not reached and it has been put back, probably for about another six months. That however is another story. One of the central issues […]

Domestic Violence Evaluation Scheme Launched

Full text available at: The evaluation of a new pilot  scheme which offers support to women in family law cases was launched Monday by Minister for Justice and Equality Alan Shatter and Chief Justice Mrs Justice Denham.  It is based in the Family Law Court in Dolphin House and has […]


It has came to our attention that an order was made in the UK recently granting permission for proceedings to be served through Facebook. We are aware that proceedings have been served using Facebook in other jurisdictions and this is now happening in Ireland. A recent application was made to the […]

Family Law Update – 9th March 2012

When I say to people that I do a lot of family law work, invariably one of the questions I get asked is what in my experience is the biggest single cause of marital breakup and disharmony. Without any doubt I can say that the biggest single cause is the […]


The recently enacted Civil Partnership Act defines a cohabitant as “one of two adults, whether of the same or the opposite sex who live together as a couple in an intimate and committed relationship and who are not related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship or married […]