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Full text available at Report of Special Rapporteur on Child Protection Any person should be able to apply to court to seek to have a child at risk placed in the care system under proposals being examined by the Government. At present only the Health Service Executive (HSE) may […]

Barring Order Applications

I remember when I did one of my first barring order applications – I thought it was last September but when I checked it out, it was over 25 years ago. Goodness how time flies. It was one of those cases where I knew I was going to lose. My […]

More humane family courts planned

Full text available at Families and children at the centre of  legal disputes will have a more humane, less costly, and more expert court system available to them under proposed constitutional reforms. The reforms also include possible significant changes, including limits, in relation the power of the President to […]

Lawyers should not act for two sides in property deals – report finds

Full text available at: A Law Society task force has decided that solicitors should not be permitted to act for both sides in a property transaction, except in limited circumstances provided for in law. . Its report will be discussed by the council of the society next Friday. The […]

Son entitled to €315,000 from will

Full text available at The High Court has ruled that a retired man is entitled to €315,000 from his late mother’s estate. It was found by Justice Roderick Murphy that the late Mrs. Mary Boyle  failed in her moral duty under Section 117 of the Succession Act 1965 to […]