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I recently read an article by an Indian lawyer criticising the lack of property rights for women when they separate from their husbands. The lawyer was arguing that an Indian woman should have some say in relation to the sale of her family home and that she should be offered […]

It helps to be a woman if you want to stay out of prison!

A 59 year old man was recently convicted of forging a Will. Evidence was given that he was a caring, hardworking man, who forged a will because he believed that he was rightly entitled to a certain piece of land. This is a very serious offence and merited a heavy […]

Minister in Russia for talks on adoption agreement

MINISTER for Children Frances Fitzgerald will meet with senior officials in Moscow to advance the possibility of an adoption agreement between Ireland and Russia. The Minister will meet with Russia’s Minister of Education and Science, Dmitry Livanov, and other officials in the Russian Duma. Over 1,600 Irish-based couples have adopted […]

Same Sex Marriage

There has been considerable publicity recently about the French National Assembly beginning the process of introducing measures to legalise same sex marriage and the same has happened in the UK. I thought it would be useful to let you know where the world stands in relation to gay marriage. I […]


Lord Carey is the former Archbishop of Canterbury. He recently complained about the fact that he was called a bigot by supporters of gay marriage. In response, he compared this to what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. He said that what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany […]