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The Ankara Agreement: How does it affect Turkish workers in Ireland?

THE RIGHTS OF TURKISH WORKERS  Turkish nationals residing in EU Member States may enjoy specific protections that are distinct from those available to EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals. The Ankara Agreement was signed on 12th September 1963 and an Association Council makes Decisions that ensure that the Agreement is effected. […]

The Long Hard Road to Citizenship

LAUNCH OF ICI REPORT ON NATURALISATION  On Tuesday last, we attended the launch of an important report by the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI): ‘Living in Limbo: Migrants’ Experiences of Applying for Naturalisation in Ireland’. The report was prepared in collaboration with NASC, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre based in […]

News flash!

JUDGMENT OF THE ECJ: SHIRLEY MCCARTHY V SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE HOME DEPARTMENT, CASE C-434/09 A full update on this important case will follow. You can read a summary of this important judgment here. The full judgment is available here. This case involved a preliminary reference from the UK […]

What does it mean to be an EU citizen?

THE  EXTENDING ARMS OF UNION CITIZENSHIP The Zambrano ruling, in simple terms, provides that EU Citizens do not need to move to generate rights of residence and work permits for their parents.  It is of course understood that Member States reserve the right to decide who is a citizen of […]

Migrant Workers in the Recession

IRISH JOBS FOR IRISH PEOPLE A number of months ago I very briefly skimmed though one of Ian O’Doherty’s articles in the Irish Times wherein he mocked Gerry Adams, ‘the foreigner,’ coming down here and taking a seat in the Dail at a time when we are trying to keep […]