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The Untraceables – Hit and Run Accidents

Most of us know what to do when we are in an accident involving another vehicle, but what happens when the other vehicle does not stop/you fail to get insurance details or you are given false contact details. As always our newsletter articles reflect the queries that come into the […]

Product Liability and Medical Negligence Litigation

Defective medical product controversies such as the DePuy hip replacement system recall and the PIP silicone breast implant scandal have highlighted the interaction between Product Liability and Medical Negligence litigation. The rapid advancement of technology to create new materials for use internally ensures that this is an area of constant […]

Limping Marriages – EU Divorces

One could be forgiven for thinking that a “limping marriage” is a term used to describe a marriage in serious difficulties or a symptom of an injured marriage! However the term “limping marriage” developed as a result of marriages being recognised in one EU country and not in another. Prior […]

Enduring Power of Attorney

There hasa been much public awareness been raised on the sensitive issue of Dementia in recent times. Posters have been placed on buses and at bus stops across the country bringing awareness of same. The Irish Times recently reported that Dr Catriona Crowe, a consultant in old age psychiatry, predicted […]

Buyer Beware – The importance of obtaining a structural survey when purchasing a second hand property

When buying a second hand property it is important to remember that the principle of Caveat Emptor applies. Caveat Emptor is the Latin for ‘let the buyer beware’. The basic premise is that the Purchaser buys at his or her own risk and should fully satisfy themselves as to the […]