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Abuse victim contests transfer of property to former teacher’s wife

Full text available at A woman who was awarded €400,000 damages last year after a judge found she was sexually abused by her Irish dancing teacher has brought a High Court challenge to the man’s transfer of property into his wife’s name. Dana Doherty (42) claims the transfer of […]

Equality Tribunal fines property management company for Traveller discrimination

Full text available at A recent Equality Tribunal decision came to our attention. The parties involved were Maughan v. Grattan Lodge Management Company and the Equality Tribunal found that the applicant had been discriminated against and harassed by her management company in violation of the Equal Status Acts. Ms. […]

Woman sues over pain ‘after 40 minutes at hair salon basin’

Full text available at: A thirty five year old woman sued Peter Mark hair salon recently for neck pain she claimed was caused after sitting at a wash basin for a long period.  Ms Dunne said in the Circuit Civil Court that she felt pain in her neck a […]


Finance It is important when considering buying a home that you ensure you have sufficient funds. Oftentimes a client will only look at the purchase price of the property and arrange their finances around that. However, it is important that you have enough money to cover the ancillary costs involved […]

Some Pointers on Personal Injuries Claims

PERSONAL INJURIES CLAIMS Here are a few points you might be interested in concerning any claim that might be made following an injury. ·    Generally speaking, proceedings must issue within two years of the date of an accident otherwise your claim will be statute barred. ·   With certain exceptions, all […]